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Class A and B are assigned to very huge and medium-sized agencies. magnificence C is the maximum popular class of addresses assigned to small businesses and are the maximum used IPs. Small and medium-sized net carrier carriers buy a pool of sophistication C IP which they assign to their clients. net service carriers provide dynamic (shared) IP addresses to their customers. The motive for that is that for the reason that they're shared, they're less expensive and more popular. Secondly, the customers that are assigned IPs do now not use them 24/7. So while a user signs and symptoms of or there is no traffic to a internet site, their IP addresses are assigned to other users and web sites. the professionals of C elegance dynamic IP addresses are that they are reasonably-priced and more feasible for websites and customers who are not heavy customers of the internet. if you have five human beings sharing a WiFi in your property, you may be assigned a dynamic cope with, and whilst you aren't the usage of the internet, your deal with can be assigned to any other consumer who just signs and symptoms in. while you operate the net again, you'll be assigned a extraordinary IP. This IP could be assigned from the to be had pool of class C IP cope with range that your net carrier company has bought.

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