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Search Engine Optimization

Title Tag

پارسی سی دی
Length: 11 character(s)
Your title tag need to ideally be between 10 and 70 characters (spaces included).
Make sure your title contains your most crucial keywords and is explicit.
Make sure that the title on each page is distinct.

Meta Description

پارسی سی دی - پارسی سی دی
Length: 25 character(s)
There are between 100 and 300 characters in meta descriptions (spaces included).
You have control over how your web pages are categorized and shown in search results.
Make sure that every page on your website has its own, explicit meta description that includes your most crucial keywords (which are shown in bold when they partially or completely match the user's search query).
Use appealing messaging and a clear call to action in your meta description to increase click-through rates. A strong meta description functions as an organic advertisement.

Meta Keywords

No Keywords

A special kind of meta tag called a "meta keyword" can be found in the HTML code of a web page and helps search engines understand the subject of the page.
Google, however, is unable to employ meta keywords.


<H1> <H2> <H3> <H4> <H5> <H6>
4 25 23 0 0 0
<H1> پارسی سی دی </H1>
<H1> بهترین اتوهای بخار برای انواع لباس ها </H1>
<H1> شهرک صنعتی دماوند </H1>
<H1> ارزانترین پرواز تهران مشهد را چگونه رزرو کنیم؟ </H1>
<H2> بهترین اتوهای بخار برای انواع لباس ها </H2>
<H2> حال به این می پردازیم یک اتوی خوب چه ویژگی هایی باید داشته باشد؟ </H2>
<H2> اتو بخار فیلیپس یا تفال؟ </H2>
<H2> انتخاب برند تفال و فیلیپس </H2>
<H2> کیفیت محصول </H2>
<H2> نتیجه گیری </H2>
<H2> جغرافیای کیش </H2>
<H2> محاسبه bmi </H2>
<H2> bmi چیست؟ </H2>
<H2> لوگو تلگرام و اینستاگرام چگونه شکل گرفتند؟ </H2>
<H2> لوگو تلگرام </H2>
<H2> لوگو اینستاگرام </H2>
<H2> شهرک صنعتی عباس آباد </H2>
<H2> شهرک صنعتی دماوند </H2>
<H2> درباره شهرک صنعتی دماوند </H2>
<H2> مزایای استقرار صنایع در شهرک صنعتی دماوند </H2>
<H2> بازی آنلاین سایفارم </H2>
<H2> ارزانترین پرواز تهران مشهد را چگونه رزرو کنیم؟ </H2>
<H2> چگونه بلیط هواپیما تهران مشهد را ارزان خریداری کنیم؟ </H2>
<H2> رزرو ارزان هتل در مشهد </H2>
<H2> سوالات متداول مسافران هواپیما تهران مشهد </H2>
<H2> </H2>
<H2> خرید بدون ثبت نام </H2>
<H2> در هنگام خرید باتری ال جی به چه نکاتی توجه کنیم؟ </H2>
<H2> جاذبه های گرجستان را از دست ندهید </H2>
<H3> میزان بخاردهی </H3>
<H3> جنس کفی اتو </H3>
<H3> فناوری ضد مقیاس </H3>
<H3> ویژگی های ایمنی </H3>
<H3> بی سیم </H3>
<H3> وزن </H3>
<H3> ظرفیت مخزن آب </H3>
<H3> زمان گرم شدن سریع </H3>
<H3> ویژگی های پایه ای اتوبخار </H3>
<H3> ویژگی های پیشرفته تر برای مقایسه ی دو برند فیلیپس و تفال </H3>
<H3> قیمت </H3>
<H3> میزان مصرف برق </H3>
<H3> ضمانت نامه </H3>
<H3> خدمات پس از فروش </H3>
<H3> جنبه های ایمنی </H3>
<H3> وزن اتو </H3>
<H3> اتوبخار بدون سیم </H3>
<H3> ورود </H3>
<H3> آرشیو مطالب </H3>
<H3> خبرنامه </H3>
<H3> آمار وبلاگ </H3>
<H3> آخرين مطالب </H3>
<H3> پیوندها </H3>

Use your keywords in the headers, and be sure to place your most crucial keywords at the first level (H1). Never use the same material from your header element as your title tag.
Although it's crucial to make sure every page has an H1 tag, never use more than one on a single page. Use several H2 to H6 tags instead.

Google Preview

پارسی سی دی


پارسی سی دی - پارسی سی دی

In Google search results, your title tag and meta description will appear like this.
Although title tags and meta descriptions are used to construct search result listings, if either are absent, poorly worded, or unrelated to the content on the page, search engines may make their own.
It's crucial to adhere to the advised character limits for title tags and meta descriptions because they are shortened if they are too long.

Alt Attribute

We found 11 images on this web page
False 5 ALT attributes are empty or missing.


Alternative text is used to provide search engine crawlers with information about images (and the visually impaired).
Additionally, more details to aid in image comprehension could aid in their appearance in Google Images search results.

Keywords Cloud

  • در167
  • به164
  • از149
  • می113
  • را105
  • این85
  • که82
  • های76
  • با67
  • برای61
  • شما47
  • است45
  • ها38
  • باتری37
  • خود33
The keyword usage frequency on the page is revealed by this keyword cloud.
To understand the keywords that your audience uses, it's critical to conduct keyword research. You can select the keywords you want to target with the aid of a variety of internet keyword research tools.

Keyword Consistency

Keywords Freq Title Desc <H>
در 167 False False True
به 164 False False True
از 149 False False True
می 113 False False True
را 105 False False True
این 85 False False True
که 82 False False False
های 76 False False True
با 67 False False True
برای 61 False False True
شما 47 False False False
است 45 False False True
ها 38 False False True
باتری 37 False False True
خود 33 False False False
This table emphasizes how crucial it is to use keywords consistently.
Make sure the term is present in some or all of the following: page URL, page content, title tag, meta description, header tags, image alt attributes, internal link anchor text, and backlink anchor text to increase the likelihood of ranking well in search results for a certain keyword.

Text/HTML Ratio

HTML to Text Ratio is: 59.18%

Text content size 69146 bytes
Total HTML size 116839 bytes
Search engines employ the code to text ratio, which compares the amount of text on a page to the amount of HTML code, to determine how relevant a page is to users.
The likelihood that your website will rank higher in search engine results will rise with a larger code to text ratio.

GZIP compression

Wow! It's GZIP Enabled.
True Your webpage is compressed from 114 KB to 33 KB (70.9 % size savings)

For quicker network transfers, files can be compressed (made smaller) using the Gzip technique.
It enables web pages and other common web files to be compressed to 30% or less of their original size before being transferred.

WWW Resolve

Warning, no 301 redirects are in place to redirect traffic to your preferred domain. Pages that load successfully both with and without www. are treated as duplicate content!

Search engines treat URLs with and without the prefix "www" as two different websites, so redirecting requests from a non-preferred domain is crucial.

IP Canonicalization

No your domain IP does not redirect to parsicd.ir

Enter your IP address in the browser to test if your site loads using that IP address to verify this for your website.
The IP should ideally reroute to the URL of your website or to a page from your website hosting company.
To ensure that the IP does not get indexed, you should perform an htaccess 301 redirect if it does not already.

XML Sitemap

Good, you have XML Sitemap file!

A sitemap is a list of crawlable URLs that may also contain extra details about your site's most recent updates, the frequency of changes, and the significance of the URLs. This enables more intelligent site crawling by search engines.
We advise creating an XML sitemap for your website and submitting it to Bing Webmaster Tools as well as Google Search Console. It's also a good idea to include the location of your sitemap in your robots.txt file.


Good, you have Robots.txt file!

A robots.txt file enables you to limit the access of web crawling search engine robots and can stop them from visiting certain directories and pages. Additionally, it indicates the location of the XML sitemap file.
By choosing "Robots.txt Tester" under "Crawl," you can use Google Search Console (formerly Webmaster Tools) to check for issues in your robots.txt file. Additionally, you can use this to check that Googlebot has the proper access by testing different pages.

URL Rewrite

Warning! We have detected parameters in a massive number of URLs

The URLs on your site have extraneous components that make them appear convoluted.
A URL ought to be simple for users to read and remember. Clean URLs that contain the most crucial keywords from your page are required by search engines.
Because they describe the page's content, clean URLs are particularly helpful when shared on social media.

Underscores in the URLs

Great, you are not using underscores (these_are_underscores) in your URLs

Wonderful, you don't use? Your URLs should contain underscores (these are underscores).
Google does not recognize underscores as word separators, although it does for hyphens.

Embedded Objects

Perfect, no embedded objects has been detected on this page

objects that are embedded, like Flash. It should only be utilized for particular improvements.
Although Flash material generally looks nicer, search engines cannot fully index it.
To maximize SEO, avoid using full Flash on your website.


Oh no, iframe content has been detected on this page

Search engines won't crawl or index the content inside frames, which can lead to issues on your website.
When feasible, stay away from frames, and if you must, use a NoFrames tag.

Domain Registration

Exactly how many years and months

Domain Age: Not Available

Created Date: Not Available

Updated Date: Not Available

Expiry Date: Not Available

Newer domains typically struggle to get indexed and rank highly in search results for their first few months, therefore domain age counts to some extent (depending on other associated ranking factors). Think about purchasing a used domain name.
You can register a domain name for up to ten years, did you know that? You will demonstrate to the world that you are serious about your business by doing this.


WhoIs domain information can help you determine the proper administrator, billing and technical
contact information.

% This is the IRNIC Whois server v1.6.2.
% Available on web at http://whois.nic.ir/
% Find the terms and conditions of use on http://www.nic.ir/
% This server uses UTF-8 as the encoding for requests and responses.

% NOTE: This output has been filtered.

% Information related to 'parsicd.ir'

domain: parsicd.ir
ascii: parsicd.ir
remarks: (Domain Holder) Vali Gholami Idloo
holder-c: vg122-irnic
admin-c: vg122-irnic
tech-c: vg122-irnic
bill-c: ra1722-irnic
nserver: dns1.avablog.ir
nserver: dns2.avablog.ir
source: IRNIC # Filtered

nic-hdl: vg122-irnic
person: Vali Gholami Idloo
org: Click
e-mail: [email protected]
source: IRNIC # Filtered

nic-hdl: ra1722-irnic
org: Rayan Dadeh Negar Dena
e-mail: [email protected]
source: IRNIC # Filtered

You can use the WhoIs domain information to find the correct contact for any domain registered in the Whois database.
A WhoIs lookup reveals the administrator, billing, and technical contacts for each IP address or domain name included in the WhoIs database.

Indexed Pages

Indexed pages in search engines

108 Page(s)

This is the total number of pages we have located on your website.
If the number is low, either you're unwittingly preventing bots and search engines from crawling and indexing your sites, which is often the result of poor site architecture and internal linking, or bots are having trouble finding your webpages.

Backlinks Counter

Number of backlinks to your website


Backlinks are links from other websites that lead to your website. They serve as a kind of website recommendation letter.
You should have a strategy to increase the quantity and quality of backlinks because this component is very important to SEO.



Length: 7 characters

When feasible, keep domain names short and avoid using lengthy URLs.
Search engines are more likely to detect a URL that is descriptive.
Before accessing a page, a user should be able to determine its contents by looking at the address bar (for instance, http://www.mysite.com/en/products).


FavIcon Great, your website has a favicon.

Favicons increase brand recognition.
Make sure it is consistent with your brand because a favicon is crucial for users who bookmark your website.

Custom 404 Page

Bad, your website has no custom 404 error page.

When a visitor to your site receives a 404 File Not Found error, you risk losing the customer you worked so hard to win through search engine optimization and affiliate links.
You can reduce the number of site visitors lost in this manner by creating your own personalized 404 error page.

Page Size

114 KB (World Wide Web average is 320 Kb)

Images and JavaScript files are two of the primary causes of an increase in page size. Try to keep your page size under 2 Mb because it has an impact on how quickly your website loads.
Use photos that are compact and gzip them to speed up downloads.

Load Time

0.98 second(s)

For a better user experience and to score highly in Google search results, site speed is crucial.
For resources on how to speed up your website, visit Google's developer guides.

PageSpeed Insights (Desktop)

100 / 100

Page Speed

Parsicd.ir desktop website speed is fast. Page speed is important for both search engines and visitors end.

Enter your suggestion box message


Good, you have declared your language
Declared Language: FA-IR

Ensure that the language you have selected matches the language that Google has identified. Include a definition of the content's language in the HTML code of each page.

Domain Availability

Domains (TLD) Status
parsicd.com Available
parsicd.net Available
parsicd.org Already Registered
parsicd.biz Already Registered
parsicd.us Available

To prevent cybersquatters from using your trademark, register the various domain extensions.

Typo Availability

Domains (TLD) Status
oarsicd.ir Available
larsicd.ir Available
pqrsicd.ir Available
pwrsicd.ir Available
pzrsicd.ir Available

To prevent cybersquatters from using your brand, register the several spelling variations of your domain.

Email Privacy

Good, no email address has been found in plain text.

We advise against including linked or plain text email addresses on your webpages.
while spamming bots scrape the web looking for email addresses. Use a contact form as an alternative.

Safe Browsing

The website is not blacklisted and looks safe to use.

Safe Browsing helps users and webmasters avoid harm by identifying untrustworthy websites and alerting them to it.


Mobile Friendliness

Oh No! This page is not mobile-friendly.
Your mobile friendly score is 0/100

Your mobile website's usability is referred to as mobile friendliness, and Google considers it as a ranking indication in mobile search results.

Mobile View

Over 75% of customers have access to smartphones, therefore there are a ton of people accessing the mobile web. On the most common mobile devices, your website should display nicely.
Observe how your website is used on mobile devices by using an analytics service.

Mobile Compatibility

Bad, embedded objects detected.

Objects that are embedded, such as Flash, Silverlight, or Java. It should only be utilized for particular improvements.
To ensure that your content can be accessed on all devices, avoid using embedded objects.

PageSpeed Insights (Mobile)

98 / 100

Page Speed

Parsicd.ir mobile website speed is medium range. Page speed is important for both search engines and visitors end.

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Server IP

Server IP Server Location Service Provider Germany Hetzner Online GmbH

The IP address of your server doesn't really matter for SEO. However, make an effort to put your website on a server that is local to your visitors.
Both a server's geolocation and its speed are taken into consideration by search engines.

Speed Tips

Tips for authoring fast-loading HTML pages:

True Perfect, your website has few CSS files.

True Perfect, your website has few JavaScript files.

True Perfect, your website doesn't use nested tables.

False Too bad, your website is using inline styles.

Website performance is greatly impacted by speed, which also has an impact on user experience, conversion rates, and even rankings.
??? Users are less likely to become distracted by slow-loading pages, and search engines are more likely to reward you by giving your pages higher rankings in the SERPs.
Websites with faster load times have much higher conversion rates than those of their slower rivals.


We didn't detect an analytics tool installed on this website.

You can monitor website visitor activity with web analytics.
Installing a second analytics tool to double-check the data can be beneficial. You should have at least one installed already.

W3C Validity

W3C not validated

A group called W3C develops web standards. Because syntax issues might make it challenging for search engines to index your page, it's crucial to utilize correct markup that is error-free. Run the W3C validation service each time you make modifications to the code of your website.

Doc Type

Your Web Page doctype is

Web browsers are given instructions about the document type to use via the Doctype.
for instance, the HTML version used to create the page.
Declaring a doctype aids in the accurate rendering of text by web browsers.


Great, language/character encoding is specified: UTF-8

Special character rendering issues can be avoided by specifying language/character encoding.


Social Data

Your social media status

Social data is defined as information that people develop and actively and intentionally share with others.
Previously, cost and overhead made this semi-public method of communication impractical. However, from 2004 to 2010, improvements in social networking technologies allowed for the possibility of sharing on a wider scale.


Estimated Worth

$204 USD

This is merely an estimation of your website's value based on Alexa rank.

Traffic Rank

10,536,089th most visited website in the World.

A high rank indicates that many people visit your website.
Despite its limitations, your Alexa Rank is a reliable indication of the volume of traffic that visits your website from around the world.

Visitors Localization

Your website is popular on following countries:

Popularity atNone
Regional RankNone

We advise you to reserve the domain names for the nations where your website is well-known.
This will stop potential rivals from registering these domain names and utilizing your reputation in those nations.